Negative Experience,Positive Impact

Hey Visitor, Today I want to share with you my experience of losing my phone. On 23rd June,2019, I slept late around 1 A.M. and got up around 8 A.M. As a habit my hand first goes in the search of mobile. It was not there. My heart was filled with distress. I waked up my roommate to make a call to my phone. Unconsciously he searched for his phone. In utter distress his phone was also missing. It took us no time to understand that our mobile has been stolen when we were asleep.

We went to the manager to get the CCTV footage of the mischief happenings. From the footage it was proved that one 15-16 year girl in her purple colour ghagra and with her two 7-8 year boys were there. Within no time we started the search in the direction on whatever information we could get from the locals.

After one hour long searching we decided to lodge a complaint against them. So few of my friends went to the nearest police station which was Samastipur. After my friends described the situation, the policeman didn’t seem active to solve the matter instead he gave his excuse that there are lots of other pending cases which is to be solved, you submit the FIR (First Information Report) then we will decide to see on it. We were tired and tensed about the loss and this comment from the policeman really frustrated us, we lost our patience and left the station cursing the law and order.

Meanwhile I was trying to search my phone’s last seen activity using “FIND MY DEVICE”. It was showing somewhere around Basawani Park. We visited there but all our effort were in vain. By this time news of theft had spread in the entire locality. All were discussing the same thing and pushing there judgement that fault were on our side.

Well the locality got a spicy topic to discuss these all the day while somewhere in the room we were endorsing ourselves on our loss.

Every cloud has a silver lining

John Milton

These negative occurrence had a positive impact on us. We started sleeping on time though somewhere we had tough feeling for our phones. We can now give more time on our studies and reading blog’s. The main benefit was that we stated the talk among ourselves when we had to kill time where in past we were busy with our mobiles. My friend had a PUBG addiction due to which his concentration in studies was decreasing.

So overall I can say I feel more positive now and also I became more careful regarding my belongings. This was a mixed experience where I suffered a 11k financial loss to realize that I was addicted to mobile youtube, continuous habit of checking Whatsapp status.

At last I would hope this experience is to be taken as a lesson and we should move forward in our lives spending more time with our friends and parents. Also to make time for Yoga to improve the concentration power.

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