Is being a part of the non-technical group really important?

Before jumping to the answer let us first understand what is a non-technical group. The non-technical group is the group that conducts events and activities which are directly or indirectly related to managing the public at large.
In my current college days, I have been part of several non-technical groups like Avalanche, Scriptink and some technical group like Decoders, Dgplug
Technical groups are always a good option as they directly build your academics and problem-solving skills.


Is it not economical to be a part of some technical groups as they also conduct competitions where I can interact with public?
Yes, you can but just being in the technical group won’t give you all skills related to Interpersonal as well as Intrapersonal.
Interpersonal skills include teamwork, leadership, fluent communication, etc.
Intrapersonal skills are the way you talk to yourself; includes self-esteem, open-mindedness, etc.

Advantage for being in Non-Technical groups

When you conduct non-technical events, you need to attract the crowd as they show little interest unless it is properly advertised and spoon-fed. Most of them find it a waste of time and the situation becomes worse if it has some entry fees.
Then there comes your selling skills which include efficient communication, convincing power, body language, confidence and lot more.
Below are the following positions where a group act as a sculpture which helps to give the right shape to your personality.

  • Letter permission: Drafting a letter is one of the important tasks as it is the first step to get permission. Here you learn how to frame a letter with utmost care.
  • Event Planning: Now deciding an event name and the idea requires a lot of creativeness. Because this will decide whether your audience will leave the venue happily or not.
  • Digital Poster: Now after the events are decided and date is fixed it’s time to reach the maximum audience. Digital poster and pamphlets are the best and cheapest way to advertise. Here you learn editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.
  • Handmade poster: Here you get to showcase your creativity in forms of brush and paints.
  • Sponsorship: To make all this stuffs require lots of money. Hence getting sponsors for your event is one of the most important tasks. Here you will develop marketing skills. No matter how good your product is but without proper marketing it is worthless.
  • Treasury: All the purchasing related kinds of stuff are handled by this person. Treasury is considered to be the backbone of the group. Here you will develop skills on where and how to spend money efficiently.
  • Team player : Great teams consist of the right people, not the best people.
    Every team member must understand the importance of working in a team because the team needs dedication and perseverance.
  • Anchoring: Anchoring helps you to overcome stage fear, enhances the ability to engage the audience and also improves your body language.
Technical Vs Non Technical Groups


So by now you might have got a fair idea on how non-technical groups work and how it helps in shaping your social interaction. But getting into these elite groups is not always an easy task. They have their rigorous recruitment test which includes:

  1. Quantitative round,
  2. Group Activity
  3. GD (Group Discussion)
  4. PI (Personal Interview)
    Being in a group helps in making your college life super memorable.

Road to Freedom

First things first, we should be thankful that we all live in a country where there is freedom to speak on our views. As decades passed and technology evolved the ways of expressing our views have changed completely. We spend most of the time on various social networking sites, updating status almost regularly, sharing our locations, our likes and dislike, our religion and even our views on politics. Now the question is what if we are being tracked? What if these data are easily available to the trackers. You are then left with two replies :

  • Either you completely deny the fact that it is possible.
  • Or you say you got nothing to hide and got no problem with it!

You will find most of the people who state that they have nothing secret in them to hide, it sounds like you don’t care about your fundamental rights as you have got nothing special to speak.

To say that you have nothing to hide means like you have nothing to say to protect your freedom of speech.

Edward Snowden

If you think your privacy is safe and no one is peeping inside your personal and professional life, you need to go through inspiring true story of Edward Snowden and how he was chased when he chose the path of adversaries to benefit others instead of spending rest of his life luxuriously.

Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden was working as a contractor under US Government where he had access to all the classified files collected from the global surveillance. Edward revealed in public misuse of around billions of internet data and telephonic data records which is called metadata collected by government globally without user’s interest. Edward saw that this was a direct attack on the citizens’ Freedom of Speech and privacy.

Government’s Point of View

Right after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre, US government took various steps to curb terrorism among which one was to give secret access to US State Secret Service which can conduct the surveillance on any of citizen’s phone record, GPS location, browser history, etc. Through MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Apple they started to gain the data on the citizens. According to the report, there have been about 1.2 million people under the US watch list. Government believes that they can prevent terror attack before it happens using mass surveillance at the stake of our Right to privacy.


Most of the time we fall prey to the online trackers like Facebook and Google where our privacy is more vulnerable. Try avoiding websites that track our identity and location. Always open-source software should be preferred over a proprietary one.

Path less traveled by… The "WRITOFEST 2K19"

Give respect to what you love and you will find the way to get it out to the world.
Today I want to share with you my journey conducting WRITOFEST 2k19.

  • Establishment of app : We had a very solid idea but an uneven path on how we will implement this idea which was to make a platform for the readers. Our idea was unique as there were no such platforms where through the app users can get a quality quote and Shayari as the market was operating on the users’ content.
  • Came up with daily writing contest idea
    As it was obvious that we had to face low user engagement in the beginning so we came up with the idea of “Daily Writing Contest” which gives the users a chance of getting featured on the wall of the Scriptink app under the title “Best writing of the day”.
    Fortunately, it worked, writings started coming. It was at this time we came in touch with various writers whose writings could become a part of the Scriptink Family.
  • Getting recognized as college group.
    There was a lot of confusion about whether opening a college group will distract us from our objective but in the end, we formed it intending to build a team that will continuously work for improving the product.
  • Came up with Writing competition.
    After being recognized as a college group first we need to conduct an event to establish our existence in the college.
    The “WRITOFEST 2K19” was our first National level Literary Fest.
  • Came up with the idea of including Poets
    Scriptink started walking on the path less traveled by. Including the events featuring famous poets was one of our masterpieces. But the path was not as easy as always. Contacting distinguished poets like Javed Akthar, Chetan Bhagat was full of fun and was like getting goosebumps every second with the excitement that we had talked with these celebrities.
  • Digital marketing
    Our digital marketing was damn too good. We somehow managed to get it posted on the INSTA and FB pages of Jai Ojha sir who had followers nationally. It was like WOW moments for us.
  • Sponsorship
    Some part of our event was college-sponsored but our budget requirement was much more. So we needed sponsorships. At some places, we got disappointment where they were ready to give support but later it didn’t correspond with our college terms.
  • Conducted the event successfully
    The 10-day rigorous reach-out campaign resulted in having Jai Ojha sir(Poet), Alok Puranik (Satirist), Parameshwaran PS(Ted Speaker) as our chief guest. And the event went smoothly the better than we expected.

Our team spirit made impossible things possible. To which we will always pat ourselves.

Bonds between Seniors and Junior is above all bonds in College life.

Recently I was in Bangalore for attending Annual Convention 2K19 in BNMIT college. I had nothing to worry about because the round trip was being handled by the college. I can’t help myself from feeling lonely as all my friends were busy submitting assignments but the knowledge I would gain was acting as a fuel to get me going.

At the end of the Convention, I realized that there was no one there from my college and to my utter surprise I found that I had 2 missed calls on my silent phone. The call was from one of the faculty coordinators. I callback him to find that the college bus has started, leaving me behind and there was no question of returning.

I won’t hide the truth from you but I was scared at that time. Though I had multiple round trips from Tumkur to Majestic, this was a completely different situation for which I was not prepared.
While I was estimating how much penny I am left with, a person called me. I only recognized him from his face as he was a senior and was also there during the trip. I came to know that he had purposely missed the bus as he was gonna stay with his friends in Bangalore itself.
After I revealed to him that I am from SIT for attending the event, he offered me the accompany until he gets me a bus to Tumkur. I was completely amazed and pondered why is he caring about me? Is it because we are from the same college? Whatever it may be but this made me realize that there is some natural bond between seniors and juniors which is built on respect and these bonds is what built trust in him.

Experience with Goldman Sachs Summer Internship test.

Today I had experienced my first phase 1 test for one of the major MNCs named as GOLDMAN SACHS. It came for the internship program for the associates level. Whatever it may be but it opened my eyes. It showed me what is my current position and made me crystal clear on what are the fields I should improve which I will reveal in this blog so be with me 🙂 .

A total time limit of 2 hours was given to solve 15 questions on the hackerrank platform which include 2 Coding Question at the beginning followed by 10 MCQ related to basic C programming concept, 1 Advanced Programming question and 2 subjective questions which were to test your command on the English language.

It is suggested to first target the MCQs followed by the coding part and keep the subjective part for the end.

The problems on Advanced Programming were based on the application of Knapsack and backtracking.

As I mentioned earlier it was an eye-opening internship test for me where I came to know that now I need to think deeply about the applications of the algorithm. Just implementing and getting the output won’t work. As someone has rightly said that coding comes from the practice and examples and not from the reading books.

The algorithm teaches us that the problems can be solved in many ways but solving it efficiently to help solve the real-world issues is what matters because while practical implementation data is available in billions and you can imagine how a slacky program can eat up the resources.
A lot to learn a lot discuss.
Till then keep coding.

Installing UBUNTU for the first time

Today I tried to install UBUNTU 18.04 LTS into my friend’s laptop. I will say it was quite a mixed experience. Below are the following steps I did for installing:

Step 1 : Partition

Create and Format Disc

Click on windows icon type “Create and format Disc”. There you will see the following :

  • Right-click on C Drive.
  • Go to shrink Volume.
  • It is preferred to choose 30GB to 100Gb for UBUNTU OS. Here we will choose 60GB .i.e . 61440MB
    You will now see some free space being allocated.
    Note that during partition the unallocated free space must be at the end of all drives refer to this post on how to move unallocated spaces to the right.

Step 2: Creating a USB flash drive

Etcher image

Meanwhile, download the ISO file for UBUNTU 18.04 (LTS bionic). Also, download Etcher for creating flash USB.
Give the path for downloaded iso file.

Step 3 : Restart

Go to the BIOS setup. For my dell Vostro laptop. I will press F12 just as the dell image logo is visible.

  • Go to your USB drive
  • Select “Open UBUNTU without installing”

Click on the “Install UBUNTU 18.04.1 LTS” and it will ask for the following configuration.

  1. Select Normal Installation. Uncheck download updates while installing Ubuntu.
    Now there are two steps 1. Easy Step 2. Creating our configuration
  2. Easy Step : Select “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager” and goto Step 8
  3. Our Configuration for home, root, and swap : Select “Something Else” . Find where there is free space you have created.
  4. Select and click on the “+” icon and we will allocate the space for “swap” and “home” and “root” directory.
  5. Select logical memory and / signifies root, allocate 20 GB for it.
  6. Select swap memory for 4GB (half the RAM size is preferred, for my Laptop of 8GB, it’s 4096 MB).
  7. Now give the rest of the space for the home.
  8. Now select install now.
    Click on continue. And wait for the installation to finish.
    Yay! we are all done.

How valuable is our data?

“Facebook” by Cerillion is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In recent years, we have been in so much love for the free commodity without realizing we ourselves have become the commodity. We install only free apps from stores. This is to make you aware of the possible threat to our Right to Privacy which is very important:

What the problem is?

We have used Facebook like various free social networking sites which claims connecting people. Have you ever wondered how these proprietary companies are offering users its product for free? Yes, Facebook gets lots of revenue from adds. But how these adds are unknowingly so accurate? There has to be something tracking our data. These trackers know very effectively which sites have I visited and which product I looked in the cart. There has been many cases of phone tapping and call records that itself has put the citizens privacy a question.

Whom will our data benefit?

You might have gone through various surveys that asks you varieties of question and it will predict your personality. You fill it and submit ignoring the Terms and Condition. These can give them permissions to our personal data likes messages our locations etc. Now these contents are connected to my profile. Giving the direct access to any buyer about my pulse. These companies can now target the user by bombarding with the polarised content which is designed for me and seen only by me.

Why us?

We spent most of our time on these social sites liking and disliking the contents, called as data points . These data points can describe our personality. Through these personality they target those user whose decision can be influenced. These data are so much important to the buyer’s that they can pay any amount. Most of the buyers are the political parities who want to influence the election by targeting its citizens. This is cheating democratic process of election. There is a instance during the Trump’s Election campaign where a candidate named Ted Cruz won the election on the basis of the user’s Facebook like. See how big that difference can cause. Data mining companies like Cambridge analytica had major role in his winning. According to the report Cambridge Analytica has stated that it has around 5000 data points of around millions of American’s citizens.

Our privacy is our responsibility

We have to skeptic about our data sharing. You don’t know how can some companies mines your data and influence you in their reasoning. Our society has to be updated with the current threat and unethical business model. As the world is getting more advanced keeping our data secure and private is very challenging. There have been many cases of data phishing and fraud calls where we unknowing share our personal and crucial details. The reason behind this is lack of awareness among the people. It is our duty to find the solution so that the technologies we build for human life enhancement should not break it.

Learning git was never easy before.

Got a dream to contribute to FOSS projects but lacking confidence in git commands. Don’t worry this blog is for you:
Let’s begin learning git with following FAQ:

  1. What is git init and why it’s used? git init: Using this command we first initialize a local git repository. The files we will add here will now be tracked by the git. Running git init command is safe it reinitialize if there is an existing one.
  2. What is git clone and how can I clone a project? git clone https://github.com/your_username/repo_name: Will clone the remote repository into a newly-created directory.
  3. What’s the status in git? git status: This command gives the list of files that have not been committed. This includes modified files, newly created files to be committed.
  4. What is Staging? How can I add a file to staging? Staging is like a checkpoint where only those files are there which is to be committed. Here we do modify any changes before final commit.
    git add [file-name.txt]: This command adds the file-name.txt to the staging area.
  5. How can I add all files to the staging area? git add -A or git add .: Using this command we can add all new and changed files to the staging area.* Note: There are times when unwanted files like file_name.swp also get added and committed to avoid this it’s better to add files one by one.*
  6. How to commit a change with a proper message? git commit -m "[commit message]"
    -m is used to allow adding a commit message
    Using this command we can move all the staging area files to commit area in the local repository.
  7. How can I delete a file or folder? git rm file-name or git rm -r folder-name
    The above command are useful when you are deleting a file or deleting multiple files. git rm -r file-name removes the duplicate file-name recursively.
  8. I have created multiple branches. How can I get all my branches? git branch: This command lists all the branches created in your local repository.
    The asterisk denotes the current branch.
    git branch -a: This will list all the branches in the local as well as a remote repository.
  9. How to create and delete a branch? git branch [branch name]: This command will create a new branch.Note this does not checkout the new branch.
    git branch -d [branch name]: This command will delete the branch. This is the safest way to delete a branch as it prevents deletion if there are any unmerged changes.
    git branch -D [branch name]: This command will forcefully delete the branch and also deletes the commits associated with the branch.
    *Note all the above will bring changes in the local repository.
  10. How can I delete a branch in a remote repository? git push origin --delete [branch name]: This command will delete a remote branch.
  11. Can I create a new branch and automatically switch to it? Yes, you can use git checkout -b [branch name] command to create a branch and switch to that branch automatically.
  12. How to change branch present in a remote repository? Well, It depends on the Git version you are using.
    For modern version of git: git checkout [remotebranch]
    For older version of git : git checkout [remotebranch] origin/[remotebranch]
  13. What are the ways to see my commits?
    • git log: Using this we will see all the changes committed in the repositories.
    • git log --summary: Using this we get the detailed view of the changes made in the repositories.
    • git log --oneline: This command gives the history of the commits in brief.
  14. What are the ways to discard changes made to the file?
    • git checkout -- [file-name.txt]: This command will permanently discard all the changes made in the branch local repository.
    • git stash: This command will remove the changes made in the current branch but saves it for later use. So using git stash pop we can get back the saved changes made in the file of that branch.

How to begin with the first .onion website

First of all kudos for successfully creating `.onion’ address. If not, see my previous blog.

Just having a domain is useless if you don’t know how to make use of it. So let’s begin with the newly created domain.
Note the following guidelines are verified on Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1 : First make a directory :-

sudo mkdir /var/www/your_directory_name
cd /var/www/your_directory_name/

Step 2 : Create a file name index.html :-

touch index.html

Step 3 : Editing the newly created file

sudo vi index.html : sudo gives the power to override the readonly files
Press ‘i’ to go in INSERT mode
Write your good name
Press ESC and give :wq as command to save index.html and exit vi Editor.

Step 4 : Editing the root :

cd /etc/nginx/sites-available/ : If says permission denied sudo it 🙂
sudo vi default : It will open long content. Edit the root line from ‘/var/www/html’ to ‘/var/www/your_directory_name’. Save and exit.

Step 5 : Reloading nginx :

systemctl reload nginx

Kudos our work is done

Step 6 : Open your domain name in Tor Browser :

Incase you forgot your domain name.
Type sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Happy Coding 🙂

Make your own .onion domain name in few steps

Note : The following guidelines are verified on Ubuntu 18.04
First install tor and nginx using the following commands:
sudo apt install tor
sudo apt install nginx
sudo ufw allow Nginx Full

Open Terminal and enter : vi /etc/tor/torrc command press i to go in INSERT mode. Then search for
############### This section is just for location-hidden services ###

Un-comment the following 2 lines by removing “#” symbol.
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 80

to exit vi press Esc then enter :wq to save the changes and exit.

Try to restart the tor and nginx services by the following two commands:
sudo service tor restart
sudo systemctl restart nginx

On entering the command : sudo ls /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
you will find filename such as hostname and private key.
Enter : sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname
use will find .onion address.
Check it on the Tor browser.

“Congrats you got your own new domain.”

This post may contain error. Please bring it to the notice to help others.
By connecting Mrinal Raj

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